Well it's been a saga, but Suffering Rancor is at last an audio book. You can find it by searching audible.com or at amazon by pushing the link on the home page. It will also be available on iTunes but I've never had luck searching iTunes for a specific title so...if someone knows more than I do, please don't hesitate to send me a link to my audio on iTunes. 

A big thanks goes out to my long suffering and talented narrator, Mike Gurdy for both narrating and editing this epic. It has too many characters, but that's because my death count is apocalyptic between the impenetrable swamp and the final battle, but enough of your free preview. Get this book in audio. It's a whole new experience. Mike really brought my characters to life. 

PS I'm long overdue for thanking Pam Bainbridge Cowan for this website. She can throw together a website while I debate about which I lack more of, graphic taste or technical ability.  It's a good day.


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    Kipling once said, "A writer should be able to watch an alley cat cross a car park and tell you what it feels like to be stocked by a bangle tiger in deepest India." That is what I've done. At the heart of Greymar's journey stands my own character-forging, life threatening adventures. 

    I can tell you want it feels like to face a wild bear, kill your own breakfast, sleep without shelter, fall in the Alaskan ocean, be the sole survivor of illness, and lose a father far too soon. Give this book a try--you'll like it.


    January 2013